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  • A cozy house. Hand-made for interior and exterior

    A cozy house. Hand-made for interior and exterior


    Surely you have noticed that in contemplating the beautiful and original things, we enjoy, they want to look, they attract attention. At such moments, we feel happy and filled with harmony and inspiration. To as often as possible to feel better, it is important to decorate your house, surrounding your space with beautiful things and things that we like.

  • Clothes handmade (handmade)

    Clothes handmade (handmade)


    You know the expression: "first impression is the last impression"? People meet on clothes, which largely depends on the entire look of a person. But the impression and image directly affect success in business, relationships between people. On clothes, you can judge the culture of a person, his character, tastes, Hobbies, passions and confidence. Before the outfit could tell about profession, nationality and wealth. Today, the suit, its colors indicate the attitude of the person, his mood.

  • It's time to give women gifts!

    It's time to give women gifts!


    And here is nearing completion winter, the days are getting longer, the sun warms harder. In nature there comes a time of renewal and awakening from sleep. In the first days of spring is warm and romantic feelings are reflected in the celebration of the beloved International women's day on 8 March. We congratulate our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, work colleagues and acquaintances of women, and if possible try to give something that will lift their mood.

  • Where to start your hand made business

    Where to start your hand made business


    Why many people dream to open their own business and become a business owner? Even if you do not create a business in every sense of the word, then at least to find what would bring a decent income or extra income. It turns out that working for someone for a wage, not get rich. Note that all millionaires started out with small business. But to create your own business, you need at least something to learn or know better than others, to have patience, perseverance and performance. It is important to choose relevant niche and, simultaneously, for the soul that will be fun and will bring the pleasure of working. The founder of the automobile industry Henry Ford said that the best work – highly paid hobby.

  • Handmade gifts for kids by the New year

    Handmade gifts for kids by the New year


    New year – the most romantic and fabulous holiday. All our kids are looking forward to a miracle, when dreams come true, dreams come true. In Ancient Egypt had a tradition of giving in the New year vases with sweets, and in the East the New year began with the custom of giving new clothes for all family members. It symbolized that all the sorrows and wrongs were in the past. In Russia, the main symbol of New year was and still is a good Santa Claus with a magic staff and bag of gifts. Believe in him and all the kids look forward to every home. A magical Christmas atmosphere associated with scents of Mandarin, fir branches, firecrackers, sparklers and gifts under the tree.  Respectively, and gifts for children on New year's day should be original and unique, such that there are only Santa Claus.

  • Cakes to order

    Cakes to order


    You love to cook? Your meals like and admire them all? You are able to cook quickly and beautifully? Then you could monetize this. If you have ever thought about starting your business, you have analyzed your talents, necessary costs and expenses, profitability or other type of service. Today one of the popular types of needlework has been the production of cakes to order. Culinary skill is usually a exciting hobby, also, it can be quite fast to learn.

  • Decor for home and office with your own hands

    Decor for home and office with your own hands


    Most of my life we conduct at home and at work. The interior surrounds us, depends not only mood, but also inspiration, efficiency. Well thought out and professionally decorated interior creates a positive attitude helps to get ready for serious work or contribute to recreation and relaxation. To update the decor to create a cozy and original interior, as in his own house or apartment and a modern office, you can use the original decoration, various colors, unique items and jewelry. 

  • Knitting. Unique author's works

    Knitting. Unique author's works


    At the last shows world's catwalks are increasingly new collection of knitted things. In clothing layering, large, long sweaters format "oversize", tunics and coat, voluminous snudy, leggings. The popular silhouette asymmetry, sleeve flying mouse. On trend chunky knit texture, rich voluminous braids, plaits. Carefully made exclusive items that are associated with threads of good quality, as the generally durable and in high demand.

  • Scrapbooking - your creative potential

    Scrapbooking - your creative potential


    Increasingly popular in our country acquires a hand made or handmade. One of the types of creativity that most clearly reveals the creative potential and giving you the opportunity to fulfill a flight of fancy, is scrapbooking. Initially it was the art of design of commemorative books of drawings, clippings, photographs. Today it has become a fashionable hobby, an art of decorating photo albums, calendars, envelopes, original gifts, greetings, invitations with the latest technology and modern materials. But, still, the main purpose of scrapbooking is to preserve the memory of important events in the life and history of his family.

  • Handmade. Gifts for women for the New year.

    Handmade. Gifts for women for the New year.


    Every woman wants attention, wants to be loved. As expressions of caring and love women want to receive gifts with or without him. Perhaps men think that all women are selfish, they love money and gifts. Actually for women it is the language of love, the evidence of the serious feelings and intentions. The more expensive the gift, the greater the woman seems the feelings of men. Gifts from a woman's body produces the hormone of happiness, which helps them to assert themselves.

  • How to keep jewelry from natural stones and to care for them

    How to keep jewelry from natural stones and to care for them


    In ancient times, jewelry made of natural stones wore as a sign of belonging to high class or caste. For example, in China, jade was prized more than gold, and he was allowed to wear only the representatives of the Imperial family. Ordinary people were strictly forbidden to wear jade jewelry. 

  • Czech and Japanese beads, its varieties and features

    Czech and Japanese beads, its varieties and features


    People adorn themselves with beads since prehistoric times. They were made from seeds, shells, wood, fruit, etc. In ancient beads used for religious purposes, it could only be shamans and priests. The Indians in North America using beads reported, wrote "letters". Later it was used in ethnic outfits. In Africa today worn by women and men, and their attire often consists only of beads, that gossip, as a sheet.

  • The healing properties of wooden tableware

    The healing properties of wooden tableware


    Since time immemorial people have used in use the tree. From different types of wood made furniture, objects interior, dishes and other kitchen utensils. Easier and cheaper dugout was utensils: spoons, ladles, mortars, bowls, and more. In the XII century in Russia monasteries from solid hardwood timber began to make turning utensils: bowls, cups, dishes, Stacy (pots, bowls, salt shakers. A true master decorated their products with carving or painting. 

  • Promising trends in the interior

    Promising trends in the interior


    Anyone who is logged into your home, the interior of the house or apartment will tell a lot more about you than you think. Style and preferences in colors, you can judge your character, quality and durability furniture – about your desire for respectability and the ability to securely invest in functionality and design, your desire for comfort and strictness of taste.

  • Soap, which you dreamed

    Soap, which you dreamed


    Increasingly raising the value of handmade, unique products made to order. Slowly and appeared in our country in the original lovers of art and lovers of natural foods. Today is a wonderful romantic gift can be exclusive candle or soap unusual shape, colour and smell. Soaps with added natural essential oils not only a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress, and protect the health of your skin and entire body from pathogenic bacteria, dryness, skin problems, acne, etc.

  • Architectural design using threads and needles

    Architectural design using threads and needles


    The aim of the masters hand made is the creation of creative products, cute and fun toys, unusual gifts, original and beautiful clothes. Each author manual works different from other people, what is the designer.

  • Work with plastic materials

    Work with plastic materials


    The ancient crafts that people have mastered in the stone age, were associated with natural clay. Clay served as material for the construction of dwellings, it daubed basket so you can carry water in them. Later began to dry, and bake clay in the fire, learned how to do the dishes, there was pottery. The process of shaping plastic clay has become one of the basic techniques of sculpture. As Michelangelo said and answered his disciples Rodin: "the art of the sculptor is to take a block of marble and cut away everything else." 

  • Work with natural materials

    Work with natural materials


    In the modern world is increasingly valued individuality and originality of style. Many handmade products are more expensive famous brands, and true masters of their craft are becoming more popular. Some types of manual creativity intertwined with a hobby or favorite professions, became an integral part of our lives. Revive the oldest craft: restoration carpentry, bondarskaya craft. After plastic and metal, people are increasingly turning to eco-friendly and natural materials – wood and stone. Become popular: decoration, the art of carving, inlay. Ideas of hand made, are used in the interior design of apartments, houses, villas. Many types of creativity are combined and crossed among themselves, they use different techniques.

  • Crafts out of paper

    Crafts out of paper


    Since ancient times, people used letters for different materials: stones, clay tablets, wood, bone, leather, birch bark, papyrus. But they all had their drawbacks - it was heavy, expensive or too long to process, it is too fragile. And now, more than 2 thousand years ago in China was invented material, easy to manufacture and affordable paper. In our life we face each day. We are surrounded by books, Newspapers, on paper we write, we draw, but it has found application in many kinds of manual work. Many masters hand made made of paper (or cardboard) real works of art, beautiful, fit and healthy and totally unique things that many would like to buy.

  • How and where to sell their wares on the Internet

    How and where to sell their wares on the Internet


    Wonderful if you discovered her creativity and decided to put his ideas in the handmade. Perhaps these authors ' works you have accumulated a lot already, and you are thinking about starting their own business. To participate in the fair or exhibition, you will need to spend money on travel and the transportation of goods, to pay for the place that can result in a lot of money. To create your own shop, you need to become an entrepreneur and get permission to trade, to rent a room, etc. 

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