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Продать или купить Lacy Scarf

картинка Lacy Scarf хенд мейд, ручной работы, handmade на Спинбо
4 500 руб
- + шт
Length 1m 50 cm, width 30 cm.


This accessory is crocheted from cotton threads. A perfect addition to any everyday and evening party. Can decorate even the most modest dress. Scarf is white and has a length of 1m 50 cm. The material is very pleasant, soft.

Рекомендации по уходу

The main rule, which should always be remembered - can not be washed in very hot water and use an appropriate detergent. Thirty-forty degrees - just right. And only hands, not twisting after the end of washing, but only gently wringing out. Therefore knitted from cotton yarn things dry much longer than from other types of yarn. And, it is necessary to dry in a horizontal position on a piece of fabric. To iron such things it is necessary while they not up to the end have dried up, thus to watch, that proportions and the sizes were not broken. Lace things to smooth in the direction of the pattern with careful movements

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